Death of Day

Death of Day
As heteronym words in English, there are many couple of words in Persian language which are spelled identically but have different sounds and meanings. A couple of these type of words are: "everyday life" and "death of day". The phrases which in addition to the same dictation, are close in meaning these days.
A large portion of women in Iran, seemingly die everyday due to a set of conditions. Days pass and they are buried every day in themselves and in their everyday lives with no perspective of a better future.
days for these women, repeat with no hope to the future, and these days come so fast and consequently that the soil suddenly swallows whole of their existence.
They walk, work, see, hear, but do not know that each day, they are buried deeply in frustration and endlessness.The burial is a sign of death, and these women are planted in the soil and die every day due to the routine life.
Although there are some women who try to avoid the death caused by the everyday life.